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HyG Ionic Toothbrush


  • 3 Brush Heads
  • 2 BONUS replacement heads, soft bristle only


  • Non electric - does not vibrate
  • Repels plaque by reversing the polarity of teeth during brushing
  • Breaks the electrostatic bond between teeth, plaque, and stains
  • Studies found a 51.87% overall improvement in gingival health
  • Users report cleaner, whiter teeth and fresher breath
  • Long lasting battery and interchangeable brush heads included

Product Details: Ionic Toothbrush - Questions and Answers

Q. How will I know that hyG is working for me?
A. Results may vary from person to person. Many users report a new feeling of cleanliness after several brushings. (This is particularly noticeable for smokers.) You may notice that your teeth's edges feel sharp instead of slippery, as if you'd visited a dental hygienist. Your dentist may mention that your teeth look smoother and cleaner, with less tartar and calculus to require scraping and scaling at your dental check-up.

Q. Will hyG work with caps, crowns, bridges and braces?
A. Yes. The action of hyG is the same as other toothbrushes, except that hyG has the added benefit of enhancing plaque removal through ionic action in plaque-prone areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.

Q. Do you have any tips on how to use the hyG ION Toothbrush?
A. Brush as you would with an ordinary manual toothbrush, following your dentist's guidelines. Just remember to keep any finger or your palm on the handle's metal band. This is necessary for ionic plaque release to occur. A wet finger or palm ensures maximum effectiveness.

Q. Is the hyG power source replaceable?
A. The hyG battery is located in a patented, sealed, waterproof compartment. To replace the battery would require breaking the waterproof seal-adversely affecting the performance and future battery life. The battery should last around two years in normal use, then a new hyG power source handle is required.

Q. How does it remove plaque?
A. Normally your teeth have a negative polarity. Plaque has the opposite or positive polarity, causing it to cling to your teeth. (This is the same natural phenomenon that attracts dust to surfaces in your home.) The hyG Ionic toothbrush breaks this ionic bond by temporarily reversing the polarity of tooth surfaces as you brush. The plaque's molecules are then repelled by the teeth and drawn to the negatively polarized bristles of the hyG toothbrush.

Q. Is hyG based on a new technology?
A. hyG was inspired by a technology called "Iontophoresis" that dentists have used for more than a century to promote dental health. HyG is a compact, economical handheld descendant of the equipment used in your dentist's office.